The Union 

The Pancyprian Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters – PanUTI is a professional, ethical and non-profit making association.

This professional Union shall have the following main objects:

a) To promote professionalism in translation and interpreting in Cyprus

b) To advance recognition of Translators and/or Interpreters as specialized qualified professionals by the State by any means and secure their professional rights.

c) To promote further education for the Translators and/or Interpreters

d) To promote professional and ethical conduct by the PanUTI’s Members vis-à-vis their colleagues and clients in accordance with its Code of Ethics and Bylaws.   

e) To uphold the interests of the Member Translators and/or Interpreters.  

The Pancyprian Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters – PANCYUTI is not involved in the professional activities of its Members. Members’ qualifications related only to their Translation and Interpreting education are stated on this professional website.


Η Παγκύπρια Ένωση Πτυχιούχων Μεταφραστών και Διερμηνέων – ΠΕΠΤΥΜΕΔΙ δεν υπεισέρχεται στις επαγγελματικές δραστηριότητες των Μελών της. Σε αυτή την επαγγελματική ιστοσελίδα καταδεικνύονται τα προσόντα των Μελών που έχουν σχέση μόνο με την κατάρτισή τους στην επιστήμη της Μετάφρασης / Διερμηνείας.


PANUTI | Pancyprian Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters

ΠΕΠΤΥΜΕΔΙ|Παγκύπρια Ένωση Πτυχιούχων Μεταφραστών & Διερμηνέων


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