The Board is composed of five (5) elected members President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Training and Research Advisor.

PanUTI Board composition is currently:

President: Anastasia Pilottou
Vice President: Athena Kaiafa
Secretary: Georgia Antoniou
Treasury: Simone Makri
Training and Research Advisor: Galatia Georgiou


The Admissions Committee is composed of three members (in alphabetical order):

Michaelidou Melina [Founding Member]
Pilottou Anastasia [Founding Member]
Tyrakis Manolis

Correspondent Members are natural persons: scholars or professionals who have contributed in attaining PanUTI objects.

Miller Papapetrou Maria M12
PaNUTI Founding Member

Sophocleous Andry M24

Xeni Elena M28

Honorary Members are natural persons, who have successfully attended the University course described in article 3 of the bylaws; their performance as qualified professional translators and/or interpreters has been excellent and they have significantly contributed in attaining the objects of the Pancyprian Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters.

Economou Rapa Rea M15
PanUTI Founding Member